I’m delighted to present news of positive planet movements this month. The starring attraction is benefic Jupiter’s move into its own sign on November 4th, bringing much-needed relief to Sagittarians who have been struggling with the weight of the Saturn/Ketu conjunction, to nearly the same degree, for over six months. Of course we are contending with a Mercury Retrograde period from Oct. 31st to Nov. 20th.

Nov. 4th – Jupiter enters Sagittarius, its own sign, and this will be a blessing for those with Sagittarius Rising or Moon signs, after a full year of the ruler of their chart transiting their 12the house of loss, expenses and isolation. Please keep in mind that it will take until November 17, about 9:30 p.m. Mountain time, for Jupiter to be out of major Sandhi, or “the gap” – it needs to reach 2 degrees, 40 minutes of this sign to come into its full power. Congratulations, Sags, you’ve made it to the Promised Land now. Your inner and outer strength will increase, as well as a new-found belief in yourself. You will attract more friends and supporters and have better luck in real estate. Better luck in general, as a matter of fact, As Jupiter represents good judgment, happiness, intuition, good fortune, that whole bag of goodies will finally arrive at your doorstep, and be very well-received, I’m sure.

Nov. 5th – Mercury goes combust the Sun. This is one of those periods wherein Mercury’s journey a bit too close to the fiery orb means its wings get a bit singed. Those ruled by Mercury will feel it the most, Geminis and Virgos. But Mercury governs communication, commerce, diplomacy and tactfulness, so those arenas can all be affected now. This period lasts until Nov. 17th. Keep in mind it is also still in Retrograde status until Nov. 20th.

Nov. 7th – Mercury enters Libra, a friend’s sign, while it is retrograde, backing up out of Scorpio. Here’s an opportunity to complete matters that got started in its previous transit through Libra, but somehow may not have come to completion before. At least this sign represents good houses for both Gemini and Virgo, so here’s hoping it will be an easier retrograde time for you than some previous ones.

Nov. 10th – Mars goes into Libra, joining Mercury and the Sun there.  Librans should feel a wave of energy and ambition now, and it’s beneficial for finances and relationships, too. For those ruled by Mars, Aries and Scorpio…For the Aries Rising and Moon people, it opens relationship doors as well as travel potential, and a positive time for business. For the Scorpios, that is their 12th house of seclusion, foreign travel, loss, expenses and bed pleasures. Any of those arenas could be activated for those with Scorpio Ascendants or Moon signs now.

Nov. 12th – Full Moon in ARIES. This event occurs a little after 6:30 a.m. Mountain time. When the Moon is in this fire sign, it is a great time for new beginnings or new endeavors. There is so much Mars energy lending its dynamism to the feeling nature of the Moon. Not only will the Moon be in a sign of Mars, but Mars will also be aspecting (looking at) the Moon from seven signs away, in Libra. Just a little later that day, around 2:30 p.m. Mountain time, the Moon then enters its sign of Exaltation for 2.5 days, the earth sign Taurus.

Nov 16th – The Sun enters Scorpio, moving out of its debilitation sign of Libra, where it is at its weakest. This makes Scorpios feel even more active and motivated to get things done. The Sun rules their 10th house of action and career. For the Leos, who are ruled by the Sun, this 4th house transit for them may enhance connections with friends, enjoyment of the comforts of home, and interest in vehicles.

Nov. 17th – Mercury goes non-combust, which helps communication overall, and especially helpful for Geminis and Virgos (see above info on this).

Nov. 20th – a Double Header: MERCURY gets out of retrograde, going Direct motion…which alleviates snags in interpersonal communication and devices that deal with communication (so it is a better time to sign contracts finally), AND benefic VENUS moves into Sagittarius. close to midnight, Mountain time.  Now those with Sag Rising and Moon signs will have the benefit of TWO benefics crossing its sign, helping to counteract the malefics Saturn and Ketu, who remain there a while longer. This helps them to feel more outgoing, to a degree.

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