We have quite a month in store. We not only have a Mercury Retrograde period 3/5-28/19, but the Lunar Nodes move on 3/23, and they only change signs every 18 months.

MERCURY – This planet representing communication, commerce, diplomacy and tactfulness goes RETROGRADE on 3/05/19 at 11:19 a.m. Mountain Time.  Then it also will go COMBUST the Sun on 3/07/19 and remains in that condition until 3/21/19, adding possible sharpness and irritation to the quality of people’s speech now. Mercury will backtrack into its previous sign of Aquarius on 3/14/19, bringing an opportunity for previous plans that were forming earlier, to now gel. As usual though, there can be misinformation, poor communication and misunderstandings during the retrograde period which goes until the morning of 3/28/19.

Geminis will enjoy their planetary ruler crossing Aquarius, their 9th house of good luck and all ’round blessings, while for Virgos (also ruled by Mercury), this represents a 6th house transit. Thus the best use of the energy for them, is to help others with their logic, intellect, and problem solving abilities. Also, be alert to keep your own health cared for.

3/10/19 – Daylight Savings Times begins. Remember to adjust your clocks the night before.

3/14/19 – The Sun enters water sign Pisces.  This is the 8th house for Leos. Since the Sun is the ruler of their charts, they can now experience vulnerability and transformation. Circumstances may feel beyond their control for the next 30 days. For Pisceans, having their 6th ruler cross their house of self and body, may bring less than perfect health or at least some worries now.

3/21/19 – VENUS enters Aquarius, on the same day as the Full Moon in Virgo. Aquarians may feel more affectionate than usual, and interested in music or the arts now. This represent good houses for both signs ruled by Venus. For the Taureans it puts an emphasis on actions, career and being popular. For the Librans, this is a 5th house transit, so learning, or being close to children or a romantic partner may all figure into the picture. Venus remains here until April 15th, when it enters Pisces, its sign of Exaltation.

3/22/19 – MARS enters Taurus, bringing both closeness with a partner but also expenses to the Taureans, based on the houses it rules for them. Aries will enjoy the ruler of their chart now crossing the house of wealth, family and communications. For Scorpios, Mars also rules their charts and will now transit their house of travel, business and partners, enlivening possibilities in these key areas for them, so it’s an exciting time.

3/23/19 – RAHU AND KETU MOVE!  This spells relief to those with either Cancer or Capricorn Rising and Moon signs, as they have been getting tormented for the past year and a half by these characters.  Time to pass the torch to the next signs up. These Lunar nodes (Rahu is the north node of the Moon and Ketu the south node, and are looked at as two halves of a cosmic serpent) are considered to be malefic planets with tricky natures. They move backwards, so finally Rahu transits out of Cancer and into Gemini, while Ketu leaves Capricorn to enter Sagittarius for the next year and a half.

Sagittarius will now play host to both Saturn, who has been there since October, 2017, AND KETU.  A very unusual six or seven months is upon us. I do not recall ever seeing this situation before, wherein Saturn will be tracking side by side, within one or two degrees, with Ketu for so very long. This is due to Saturn going Retrograde on 4/19 to 9/18/19. The period in which they will be extremely close by degree is 4/10 – 10/13/19.  My sympathies to those with Sagittarius Rising or Moon signs. This is an opportunity to transcend, become more detached from earthly things and dive within. In other words, work on the spiritual side of life and try not to panic or become overly stressed about the material side. This house location is also impactful for those ruled by Saturn, especially Capricorns, as this represents their 12th house of loss and expenses. It is just not the most comfortable time for these earth sign friends, and again the advice is to dive deep and focus on getting enlightened. That is one thing this planetary conjunction is good for, in your case. It is not until 1/20/20 that Saturn will finally move into its own sign of Capricorn, bringing you the relief you will be to receive by that point.

3/29/19 – Jupiter enters (ever so briefly) its own sign of Sagittarius which will lighten up the energy present there due to Ketu and Saturn’s transit. But it will only remain there until 4/22/19, and not even reach one full degree, prior to retrograding back into Scorpio. We’ll take whatever blessings Jupiter wants to bring in that brief window. It will take until 11/04/19 before it returns to Sag for a full year’s journey.

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