This year is coming to a close, with the month of December bringing many notable planet changes to keep our eyes on, including an annular solar eclipse. If you already know your Rising or Moon sign in Vedic Astrology, this free Blog report will be of the most value to your understanding.

There’s a “Planet Party” happening in fire sign Sagittarius, with these four planets all conjunct there: Jupiter, Venus, Ketu and Saturn. We did have FIVE planets there for 2.5 days, as the Moon had joined them late  11/27 – early morning of 11/30. Let the good times roll for our Sag friends! Basically having benefics Jupiter and Venus grace their sign now brings needed relief to the long siege of the harsh, close Ketu/Saturn conjunction of many months. It must feel like a balm has been applied where it’s needed…depending on which house this sign represents in your birth chart, that is the area of life in which you also, will feel the greatest relief.

12/04 – MERCURY enters Scorpio. This will help the sometimes secretive Scorpios become more talkative. As this is the Virgos’ 3rd house, and Mercury rules their charts, creative projects will increase, including writing, plus there should be greater vitality experienced now. The other sign Mercury rules is Gemini. This is a 6th house transit for them, so those with Gemini Ascendants or Moon signs may as well buckle down and have no resistance to doing service work. That’s the best use of this placement. Otherwise, they could feel obstacles, worry, stress, and perhaps some health problems, connected to the nerves or skin. Mercury stays in this sign until 12/25.

12/11 – FULL MOON in Taurus, its sign of Exaltation. The moment of total fullness will occur right as 10:15 p.m. MDT here in Colorado. That will be 12:15 a.m. on 12/12 for those on the East Coast. Taureans will be feeling full emotions, creativity and their social life should be lively right now. Cancerians, ruled by the Moon, will enjoy this one occurring in their 11th house of gain, income and fulfillment of desire. Enjoy!

12/13 – Jupiter becomes combust, i.e. traveling too close to the Sun, so its feathers get ruffled. Planets in combustion are not able to contribute the full range of their best qualities, having their wings “singed” as it were. Later this month we’ll see that two more planets become combust: Mercury on 12/15 and Saturn on 12/27.

12/15 – VENUS enters Capricorn, a friend’s sign. Great benefic Venus is actually the Yoga Karaka (best planet) for those with Capricorn Rising (those with this Moon sign benefit as well). They will be feeling more attractive, sensual and ready to play. Plus there may be success in worldly matters, as well as career and romance. Capricorn represents good houses for those ruled by Venus, the Taureans and Librans. So those with Taurus Rising or Moon signs, should feel a wonderful flow of Support of Nature, with Venus now traveling through their 9th (best) house. For the Librans, this is their 4th house of home, friends, vehicles, comforts….Venus finds a way to bring in some luxuries and blessings for those with Libra Rising or Moon signs now.

12/15 – As mentioned earlier, MERCURY goes combust the Sun today. This somewhat limiting, or at least irritating, condition does not lift until 1/31/20.

12/16 – The SUN enters Sagittarius. a friend’s sign. While Venus moved out of the “party house” the day before, once again there are four planets keeping company in this dual fire sign. Their interaction can cause some friction, as all are not friends. The Sun and Saturn in particular. As well as Ketu bringing an unfriendly “shadow” over the Sun, and actually causing an eclipse of this fiery orb later in the month. At any rate, it’s a house of success, children, learning abilities and romance for the Leos, ruled by the Sun. Sags benefit, too, with their 9th house ruler bringing more good luck and good fortune their way now.

12/25 – MERRY CHRISTMAS! Three planets shift this day. Both the Moon and Mercury enter Sagittarius, while MARS moves on into Scorpio, its own sign where it will help those with Scorpio Ascendants or Moon signs feel empowered, energetically invigorated and ambitious now. Aries is also ruled by Mars, so this represents their 8th house and is not as auspicious there for them. They may experience some vulnerability and “too many changes” as the 8th house is a place for Transformation, battles and disunion. So working on patience and trying not to be hasty in an attempt “to be seen” is advisable for our Aries friends now.

Mercury in Sagittarius is good news for both signs it rules, those with Gemini or Virgo Rising (or Moon signs). It is the 7th house of partners, business and travel for the Geminis, and the 4th house of friends, supporters, real estate, home, and vehicles for the Virgos. Matters in these arenas should flow more easily for them now.

12/26 – Annular Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, where there are now SIX planets stacked up! Yes, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, the Moon, Saturn and Ketu. The latter is the South Node of the Moon and has no body. It is an Upagraha. Really it is a mathematical point of intersection between the paths of Sun, Moon and Earth, and like its other half (Rahu, the North Node) cause eclipses of the luminaries in our solar system, which are not considered auspicious events in Vedic Astrology. Here is the definition of an annular eclipse: an eclipse of the sun in which the moon does not cover the entire disc of the sun, so that a ring of sunlight surrounds the shadow of the moon. These are less powerful astrologically than a total eclipse. The other good news, for those of us in the USA, is that this one will not be visible here, but only in Asia, Saudi Arabia, India, Sumatra, Borneo, and Australia. It is the regions in which an eclipse is visible, that the effects are felt the most. Eclipse effects (the light briefly being “swallowed” by one of the nodes) can last from two weeks to a month.

12/27 – SATURN goes combust the Sun, and will remain in this condition until 1/30/20. Capricorns and Aquarians are ruled by Saturn and may feel the most effects: an underlying uneasiness or feeling easily aggravated, etc.

Please let me hear from you if you are wanting to see what the new year of 2020 has in store! It’s a great time to book a reading.

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