How did you all do with that last Mercury Retrograde, January 30 till Feb. 20th?

Wow, that was a tough one and sure seemed to last a looong time! Kicked me around quite a bit. That condition has passed, but now we are going through the unfortunate conjunction of Mars with Rahu in Taurus. This began on Feb. 21st and will continue until April 13th. Has anyone else noticed how many people you have been encountering since this cycle began are acting rough, feisty, angry and or downright mean? Yes, these are the two most fierce malefic planets. When they are conjunct the negativity and potential violence and chaos are simply magnified. Those who have Taurus Rising or Moon signs will feel it the most. What house Taurus represents in your Vedic chart will determine the area in your life in which you feel these effects most.

Let’s see what else the month of March may have in store:

3/11- MERCURY moves into Aquarius, a friend’s sign. Here it joins Venus and the Sun, leaving just Saturn and Jupiter in the previous sign, Capricorn. This is good news for those with Gemini Rising or Moon signs, for now the ruler of their chart, Mercury will be crossing their 9th house of good luck, good fortune, Dharma, natural law, remedies and higher education. This placement will provide more of a “landing on your feet” set of circumstances vs.the previous transit through their 8th house of transformation, vulnerability, battles and disunion. For Virgos, also ruled by Mercury, it is not as comfortable of a placement, for it is their 6th house of health issues, worry, enemies, rivals and competitors. During this transit, it is always best to divert challenging energies through being of service to others, as either a healer or counselor. There’s something about helping others with their problems that can mitigate the worst energies that this transit can be capable of.

3/14 – The SUN enters Pisces for a one month journey. This sign represents kinder, more gentle energies and for many Rising or Moon signs, it is a helpful placement, based on what house it will be in for you. Ironically, it is not the most helpful transit for either the Pisceans nor the Leos, who are ruled by the Sun. For the latter, Pisces represents their 8th house of vulnerability, with many changes beyond one’s control possibly taking place for the next month. For the Pisces Rising and Moon sign folks, the Sun is the ruler of their 6th house, bringing them some inner or outer problems, delays and conflicts.

3/16- VENUS now joins the Sun in Pisces, the sign of Exaltation of this great benefic. It remains here until 4/09. The overall contribution to the quality of life should be an enhancement to the pleasures and comforts of life; more art, music and beauty manifesting for many people now. Except….The Libra Rising and Moon sign people, ruled by Venus, may have some discomforts with Venus in this 6th house position for them. Venus may increase some exposure to competitive situations, or anxiety, various delays and issues with “enemies” (those may be inner or the outer type). Taurus receives greater blessings here, as the ruler of their charts, Venus, will be traveling through their 11th house of gain, income and fulfillment of desires, multiplying all of the above! Note: Venus has been combust since February 13th and will remain in that condition until May 3rd. This condition of traveling too close to the Sun can bring some sense of irritation to normally peaceful Librans and Taureans, who are ruled by Venus.

3/31 – MERCURY enters Pisces, joining its friends Venus and the Sun there. These three planets lined up for Virgos in their 7th house of business, marriage or partnership and travel, are helpful to our practical, logical Earth sign friends. Geminis are also ruled by Mercury and will enjoy this transit through their 10th house of name and fame, action, career, and can be helpful in securing more recognition.

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