May 2021 Vedic Astrology Blog – Planet Transits – by Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer

Welcome to May! Let’s see what’s going on with the planets in the Vedic Astrology system, in this usually balmy Spring month. The first week of the month things are off to a good start with the following improved planetary positions:

5/01/21 – Mercury gets out of combustion.

5/03/21 – Venus gets out of combustion.
Being combust the Sun causes a planet to become edgy, angry, not able to contribute its full range of positive qualities. This means that the affairs ruled in our charts and our lives that these planets represent can face obstacles, hang-ups, slow downs, misunderstandings and frustration. Mercury governs communication, diplomacy and commerce. Venus represents The Arts, beauty, music, luxuries, pleasures and desires. On top of those basic characteristics, each of these two planets governs two houses in your Vedic birth chart, and the areas those houses represent will also be affected during these periods of combustion, or being “too close to the Sun.” Thus, it will be a relief and many aspects of life will feel For Libras, also ruled by Venus, this transit it not as positive as Taurus represents their 8th house of Vulnerability and Transformation. Take care of yourselves until this transit ends, on 5/28/21.

5/04/21 – VENUS enters Taurus, where it is happy and strong, because it owns this Earth sign. Those with Taurus Ascendants or Moon signs in their natal charts, will feel an increase of happiness and be more willing to engage in social interactions. For  Libras, also ruled by Venus, this transit it not as positive as Taurus represents their 8th house of Vulnerability and Transformation. Take care of yourselves until this transit ends, on 5/28/21.

5/14/21 – The SUN enters Taurus. For Leos, ruled by the Sun, this placement represents their 10th house of action, career, name and fame, thus this transit helps them to feel empowered and move forward with big strides. The only down side is that here, the Sun will be conjunct with malefic Rahu, which is strong in its sign of Exaltation. This can bring in more passion for the Leo goals, but also some mood swings. For those with Taurus Rising or Moon signs, the Sun brings leadership opportunities, and as their 4th house ruler, will attract friends and supporters now, plus the potential for positive developments with real estate. Passion and some mood swings have been going on for them during the entire period that Rahu has been transiting their sign since 9/19/20. The Sun remains in Taurus until June 14th.Well, each month’s set of transits brings it share of challenges.

In the second half of May, we’ll get our share of those, beginning with:5/23/21 – SATURN GOES RETROGRADE! It remains in this status until 10/10/21. Saturn has been traveling through one of its own signs, Capricorn, since 1/23/20. Like all planets when in their own signs, it likes it there, bringing out some of its more noble qualities such as duty, responsibility, service, and humility. Saturn likes structure and routine. Those with this Rising Sign or Moon sign can also become workaholics if they don’t take care to balance work with rest and relaxation, especially during this Saturn transit.  While it is in Retrograde motion, some of the more challenging qualities of Saturn may manifest in the lives of some: grief, separation, obstacles, setbacks, or chronic illness. Balance and preventative self-care will be the key to navigating this several month period of its time in Retrograde.

5/25/21 – MERCURY enters its own sign, Gemini, which is very beneficial to both the Gemini and Virgo Rising and Moon signs charts. Both will feel more empowered, comfortable and in their element. This is also supportive of better communication in general, for most of us. So this is a GOOD transit; enjoy while it lasts, which is until 6/03/21.

5/26/21 – FULL MOON IN SCORPIO TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE! Here we go, with one more second half of May challenge. This celestial event occurs with the south node of the Moon, Ketu, being conjunct with the Moon, in water sign Scorpio. Whereas Ketu is Exalted in this sign; the Moon is Debilitated there. Since the Moon represents mind and emotions, feelings will be more sensitive, run deep, and issues that may have been buried in the subconscious for some time are likely to bubble up, especially for those with Scorpio Rising or Moon charts, as well as for Cancer Rising or Moon charts, since the Moon rules that sign. The period of totality is just 14 minutes, making this a very shallow total eclipse of the Moon. Areas of visibility for this eclipse: Australia, western So. America, SE Asia, and the western USA and Canada. For those of us in Colorado on Mountain Daylight Time, the eclipse begins at 2:47 a.m. with maximum effect at 5:18 a.m., which ends at 5:44 a.m. I’m glad this will occur prior to most people being up and about as from the perspective of Vedic Astrology, eclipses are not positive omens and it is best to avoid viewing them.

5/28/21 – VENUS enters Gemini, a friend’s sign. This shift helps manifest positive experiences for the Taureans, in the areas of family connections, wealth and communication. It is also a big improvement for those with Libra Rising and Moon signs as here the ruler of their chart now enters their 9th house of Dharma, good luck, good fortune, Natural Law, remedies and pilgrimage. The 9th house is the best house in all of our charts. Librans will feel back on top of the world for the duration of this transit, which goes on until 6/22/21. The host sign Gemini, will enjoy the increase of affection and romance, for these often top-heavy-in-the-intellect-department Rising signs and Moon signs, and feel more playful and artistic in this cycle.

5/29/21 – MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE! Yes, one final challenge comes at the end of May. This Retrograde motion period will last until 6/22/21. While Mercury is still in its own sign, that is not as challenging, but it will move backwards into Taurus on 6/03/21 and remain there until 7/06/21. Geminis and Virgos are both ruled by Mercury. When it goes backward into the previous sign, that is the 12th house for Geminis. That is the house of loss, expenses, isolation or seclusion. Time to be very mindful of expenses, and go inward with meditative practices. The best use of this transit is to focus on spiritual growth. I must mention that it will be conjunct with malefic north node of the Moon, Rahu, here. Rahu is “The Seizer,” it seizes and let’s go, bringing discomfort to the body and personality, at times. Also, by now most of you readers have already experienced that a Mercury Retrograde period can cause havoc in interpersonal communications or sometimes communication equipment. The old “counting till ten” until we respond can come in handy now to avoid saying things we’d regret later. PREVIEW: When the annular Solar Eclipse in Taurus occurs on 6/10/21, that will not be comfortable for those with Taurus Rising or natal Moon signs, nor for the Geminis, with this occurring in their 12th house of loss, and the lord of their chart, Mercury, being right there in the mix, conjunct Rahu and the Sun, and by the way Mercury will be 100% combust the Sun on that date!

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