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Well, how’s everyone doing with this intense pile up of planets in Capricorn? That’s been going on for some time, building, then waning as planets move through this earth sign, approaching and then bypassing the slower moving planets Jupiter and Saturn. Of course, Saturn is very strong in this sign, which it owns. Which is an asset to those with Capricorn Ascendants. If only Saturn’s enemy, the Sun, was not also passing through there (since 1/13/21) burning up any planets that get too close, including Saturn. At present, both Jupiter and Saturn remain combust the Sun. While in this state, a planet has it’s “wings singed,” so to speak, and is not able to contribute its full significations.

Mercury was transiting Capricorn from 1/04 to 1/25/21 and then moved into Aquarius. However, MERCURY JUST WENT RETROGRADE on 1/30 (and will remain in retrograde status until 2/20) so will indeed backtrack all the way into Capricorn on 2/04. FROM 2/04 UNTIL 2/12 THERE WILL BE FIVE PLANETS IN CAPRICORN! ~ until the Sun moves on to Aquarius on 2/12. And, can you stand it? For two and a half days, covering 2/09-2/11, there will be SIX planets there, when the Moon briefly joins the rest. Wow; that is just such DENSE energy and not easy to wade through in this earth sign known as the Work Horse of the Zodiac, which our pet name for is “Practical Strategist.” Many strategies may be needed to get through this logjam.

To have so many planets clustered together in one sign creates much intense energy and the area of your life affects, depends upon your Rising Sign. Just to discuss a few:

CAPRICORNS: Other than the stress the Sun’s transit contributes, especially as it combusts one planet after another there, most of these planets are helping you. Saturn, owning your 1st house of self and body, strengthens you and brings stability and enhances your natural determination. Plus it should bring money to you as it also owns your 2nd house. Venus enhances your learning ability plus makes you feel somewhat in the limelight now, not to mention heightening the affectionate aspect of your nature. Jupiter can bring some spiritual inclinations and intuition. The Sun is not helpful, as it rules your 8th house of vulnerability.

GEMINIS: Capricorn is your 8th house of vulnerability, transformation, battles and disunion. Not a fun time for our Air “sign of the Twins” friends. Just hang on and keep your seat belt fastened! The most concerning period is that eight days of 2/04 – 2/12 when five planets will be in this placement, and of course, that is enhanced with the Moon there to make the total six planets 2/09-11. You may have so many changes coming at you, with pressure to make decisions, when your nature is to first weigh all the options. So feeling vulnerable and at sea in this period is to be expected. “This, too, shall pass!”

LEOS: This is your 6th house of health issues, specifically the back, hips and intestines, plus it deals with mental health, i.e. worries and stress, plus enemies, rivals, competitors. While the Sun, which rules your chart, is in this pile up in Capricorn, just don’t expect to feel very good, comfortable or experience a lot going your way. Take care of your health and get enough rest.

AQUARIANS: These planets are piled up in your 12th house of loss, expenses and foreign travel – not much of that available in pandemic times. But it is also the house of Moksha, or final liberation, so spiritual development is the thing to work on now. Enjoy going inward through meditation and spiritual retreats, plenty of yoga and contemplating life in your usual philosophical style.

Back to our chronological listings of the planet changes through this month:

2/02 – Mercury goes COMBUST the Sun. It stays in this condition until 2/14. The effect is less tactfulness and diplomacy in conversation, with those ruled by this planet perhaps feeling a bit more on edge than usual, especially considering that Mercury is ALSO Retrograde: those with Virgo and Gemini Rising and Moon signs. Keep in mind that even though Mercury goes Direct motion on 2/20, it will not move on into Aquarius again until 3/11.

2/04 – Mercury moves back into Capricorn (see above description).

2/09 – Saturn becomes non-combust the Sun, so those ruled by Saturn (Capricorns; Aquarians) will feel some relief.

2/11 – Jupiter now becomes non-combust the Sun, bringing more ease to the lives of those with Sagittarius and Pisces Rising and Moon signs, which this benefic planet rules.

2/12 – SUN enters Aquarius – a relief to the Capricorns (see earlier description). Much better for Leos, as the ruler of their chart is now crossing their house of travel, business, partners and marriage.

2/13 – VENUS becomes combust the Sun….not as comfortable for the Librans and Taureans, ruled by this benefic.

2/14 – Mercury goes non-combust. (a good thing!)

2/20 – BIG DAY – MERCURY gets out of Retrograde AND Venus enters Aquarius. This is very helpful to the Gemini Ascendants as Venus had been multiplying their vulnerabilities as it crossed their 8th house. Now it’s going to be in their BEST house, the 9th house of good luck, good fortune, dharma, natural law and pilgrimage. A welcomed change. Those with Aquarius Rising or Moon signs will very much enjoy this transit as well. Venus is their Yogakaraka (best planet) bringing many benefits, such as more friends or interaction with friends now favorable, position real estate dealings possible and just more good luck, good fortune and feeling that they are now (finally) the right place at the right time. This placement also happens to represent good houses for both signs ruled by Venus, Libra and Taurus – enjoy your successes now!

2/21 – MARS enters TAURUS, after a long transit through its own sign Aries. Taureans may easily attract partners now, but also may be feeling more spiritual tendencies, while still having plenty of energy to get things done. Scorpio is also ruled by Mars. This placement is their 7th house of partners, business and travel, so they will enjoy movement in these arenas and will focus their powerful attention on one or more of these areas. It will stay in this sign until April 13th. (funny, I have one of my Scorpio Rising friends visiting me during that time, as she then travels on to another destination).

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