To cut to the punch, we have a Mercury Retrograde period coming in Oct. 31 to Nov. 20th. More on this below….

Oct. 3 – VENUS enters Libra, its own sign where it is happy and playful. Comparable to the feeling of fragrant flowers finally blossoming, Librans will feel more themselves, including feeling more attractive and expansive now. However Venus also owns their 8th house so can bring some vulnerabilities for them, as well. For Taurus Rising and Moon signs (also ruled by Venus), this transit is not as comfortable, as it is their 6th house of worries, stress, enemies, rivals and competitors. So it’s important for the Taureans to take care of themselves in nurturing ways, take time for meditation, and some relaxing “me time” now.

Oct. 13 – FULL MOON in Pisces, at close to 4:00 p.m. MDT. The Moon is isolated on right now, giving it a temporary Kemadruma Yoga, which is means feeling that no one understands us.  But Pisces is such a beautiful, giving, deep sign. Many “Rescuers” and healers have Pisces energy, either Rising, Moon or Sun. There may be some overflowing emotions now, including nostalgia, and reminiscences. Pisces is a sign that “holds onto” things and people…they don’t find letting go easy. Pisceans get good energy from this ruler of their 5th house of romance and success, as it crosses their sign in its state of fullness today.

Oct. 17 – SUN enters Libra. Today begins the Sun’s one month transit through its sign of Debilitation. While it may feel the weakest in this sign, there are many good characteristics to those born with Sun in this sign, including their love of peace, harmony, balance and fairness, as well as good manners, and hospitality. Those with Libra Rising or Moon signs benefit as the Sun brings 11th house energy of income and gain to them. Leos, who are ruled by the Sun, will feel creative and busy with many projects.  The Sun joins Mercury and Venus, already in Libra.

Oct. 22 – MARS gets out of combustion with the Sun. In fact, on this date there are no combust planets at all. Those ruled by Mars (Aries/Scorpio) will feel relief from recent tendencies to be impatient, restless and easily irritated or argumentative.  This will be a pleasant shift, as Mars has been traveling too close to the Sun for comfort, since July 11. Tempers should calm down all around now, in general.

Oct. 23 – MERCURY moves into Scorpio. This influence is a mixed blend for those with Scorpio Ascendants or Moon signs.  Conversation, curiosity and lively intellect should be on the forefront for Scorpions, though also some transformation and vulnerable feelings may arise due to Mercury’s 8th house rulership. It also owns their 11th house of gain, income and fulfillment of desire, so overall, a good transit for the Scorpio Rising and Moon sign people. For those ruled by Mercury, first Gemini – this is your 6th house, thus stress, worries or health issues may arise that need attention. For Virgos, this transit of their 3rd house brings out their creativity and brings courage to try new things.

Oct. 27 – VENUS shifts into Scorpio today. It joins its friend Mercury there, and benefic Jupiter, which has been there for some time.  Love and laughter rule the day for our Scorpio friends now!  These are three playful planets, so enjoy the party.  This placement is beneficial to both the Taureans and Librans, whose signs it rules. 

Oct. 31 – MERCURY RETROGRADE begins today, from its position in Scorpio.  As Mercury rules communication. diplomacy and commerce, it can throw a monkey wrench into some of these affairs in its three weeks in this condition.  We get the opportunity to revisit certain situations we either thought we had a handle on, or felt were settled already. But loose ends usually need to be worked out. We can run but we cannot hide, from our karma!  Stay cool, watch your words both in written and verbal form, and keep an eye out for dysfunctions with equipment related to communications. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow, after all. Right, people?  Focus on maintaining equanimity and balance now.

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