Happy Spring, and Happy Easter! To all who celebrate. Here’s what the planets are up to for April, 2021.

4/04/21 – MERCURY goes Combust the Sun. This condition lasts until 5/01/21 and will effect conversations and various forms of communication or communication equipment. Not as challenging as a Mercury Retrograde period, but enough to cause some annoyances and misunderstandings. So practice diplomacy and tactfulness whenever possible.

4/05/21 – JUPITER, the great benefic planet and ruler of the signs Pisces and Sagittarius, enters air sign Aquarius today. It will stay in this sign until it Retrogrades all the way back into Capricorn, its sign of Debilitation on 9/14/21. So enjoy this time while we have it. This can be a period of great expansion in the realm of humanitarian ideas and projects. Financial benefits should be experienced by many who have either Aquarius Rising or Moon signs. For the Pisceans, it may be a time more of going inward. For Sagittarians, there will be renewed energy to take on projects and get things done.

4/09/21 – VENUS, the other great benefic planet, who rules the signs of Taurus and Libra, now enters Aries, the sign of new beginnings. This is a beneficial transit for our Aries Rising and Moon sign friends. The will surely attract money, partners, or both! A very playful and affectionate time. The same may be said in a way for the Libra Rising and Moon sign individuals, as the ruler of their chart will now transit their 7th house of business, marriage and travel. Reaching out to others will come more naturally at this time for them. However, for the Taureans, this represents a 12th house transit, so watch for expenses. You may crave some solitude now. The alternative is the possibility of foreign travel, if you can swing that in these times!

4/13/21 – A big day with TWO planets on the move: The Sun enters Aries for 30 days, its sign of Exaltation, while Mars enters air sign Gemini. Mars and those ruled by it, Scorpio and Aries Rising and Moon sign folks, will feel a BIG relief to have Mars move away from the conjunction that’s been going on with malefic RAHU, North Node of the Moon, since 2/21/21. Overall, this will lessen tendencies for hostility, conflict and violence in society as a whole. Scorpios will have to deal with the ruler of their charts going into their 8th house of vulnerability and transformation, but they are usually rather adept at riding the waves of change. Aries people will suddenly feel the urge to engage in more creative projects. Mars will remain in Gemini until 6/01/21. Mars brings to those with Gemini Ascendants and Moon signs greater ambition, drive courage and for some, there can be income and gain (as it rules their 11th house). Others may have to deal with health issues due to Mars also ruling their 6th house.

THE SUN in ARIES This is a very happy development for the LEO Rising and Moon sign Vedic charts, as the ruler of Leo moves out of their 8th house of vulnerability and transformation, battles and disunion, and into their BEST house, the 9th house of good luck, good fortune, destiny, Dharma, remedies and Natural Law. The feeling is one of landing on one’s feet whatever they may run into (and other planet transits could have something to say about that). Aries Moon and Rising Sign individuals benefit from increased leadership and feelings of personal power.

4/16/21 – MERCURY enters Aries. Of course Mercury will be traveling a little too close to the Sun for comfort. Both Venus and Mercury will be conjunct the Sun now and in the condition of “combustion” where they aren’t able to fully give their positive significations. For Virgos, Mercury will be traveling now through their 8th house so some changes are to be expected, which may include their work environment, as Mercury rules their 10th house of career as well as their 1st house of self, body, personality and direction of their life. For Geminis, also ruled by Mercury, this is a beneficial transit of their 11th house of gain, income and fulfillment of desire.

4/26/21FULL MOON in Libra. This will be at its fullest point close to 9:00 p.m. Mountain Time. Cancerians will enjoy having the ruler of their charts bringing FULLNESS now in their 4th house of happiness, home, friends and supports. Libras can enjoy feeling more active, especially mentally alert and active. Libra is the sign of peace, harmony, balance, and fairness. Equilibrium is essential to Libra Rising or Moon sign folks to enjoy the inner peace that they need in order to stay in balance and function effectively. Enjoy this Full Moon!

4/30/21 – MERCURY enters Taurus, where it will be conjunct malefic Rahu. This could certainly bring some dramatic turns to conversations and even mood swings to those ruled by Mercury: Virgos and Geminis. At least for the Virgos, Taurus represents their 9th (best) house. For the Geminis, this is the house of loss, expenses, isolation, even to the degree of possible hospitalization, as it is their 12th house. Fortunately the 12th house also represents gaining Moksha or final Liberation, so it’s a good time for them to go inward.

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