There’s a lot of planetary action this month, including that Saturn, Venus and Jupiter will all go Retrograde in one week’s time! We’ll discuss the impacts here, and there’s a lot to discuss.

May 4 – MARS enters Aquarius. It will be a relief for Capricorn Ascendants and Moon signs to have Mars move from their first house of self and body. They will not miss its intensity. The irony is not missed by one of my dear friends and clients (and I wonder how many others may have experienced something like this?)  Mars in Capricorn is exalted and thus extremely strong. It’s a great force for good results in real estate, so my friend was able to finally sell his house. That is certainly the good news. But Mars also draws blood, and signifies accidents and/or surgeries. So there was also a surgery that was necessary recently, during this transit in Capricorn. Reminds me of that classic story about “good news/bad news” – Then there’s the old saying, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” In this case it’s like the “kitchen” or at least the red-hot oven, is moving away from my Capricorn friends’ first house. Aquarius is their 2nd house of wealth, so they will appreciate reaping the financial rewards that real estate good deals may have brought them in this current Mars transit. Mars will stay in this sign until June 18.

The signs ruled by Mars are Scorpio and Aries. They will both benefit with Mars going through the 4th house for Scorpios and the 11th house for Aries. If that describes your chart, call me for a reading and we will have the time to go into great detail then.

MAY 10 – SATURN is the first of the three planets to go retrograde this month. This whole week has some big planet changes that will surely be felt. Capricorns benefit from having the ruler of their charts now traveling through their 1st house, in its own sign, and now going retrograde which makes it even stronger. Of course, Capricorns have been having to also deal with Mars and Jupiter conjunct there with Saturn. Gradually these players are moving on to other signs.

MAY 13 – Now benefic Venus who has been happily traveling through its own sign of Venus since March 28th, goes Retrograde!  This will keep it hanging out here until July 31st, so Venusians get to feel attractive, creative, affectionate, and may attract some luxuries, or at least comforts. A focus on The Arts, including music or anything beautiful is positive for them now. It’s a good time to view those virtual tours online of major art museums around the world, while you are isolating at home.  This transit does not produce those same kind of results for the Libra Ascendants and Moon sign folks, as Taurus is their 8th house of Transformation and Vulnerability, battles and disunion. So they may find themselves running in circles or off in many directions trying to hold things together. Like Alice down the rabbit hole, there may be interesting, but uncontrollable events which make it hard to think straight some days! Keep your seat belts fastened on this wild ride. It won’t last forever (it simply FEELS that way)!

MAY 14 – JUPITER goes retrograde! It entered Capricorn, its sign of Debilitation on 3/29, and will stay there until 6/29. This sign represents good houses for those ruled by this great benefic: For the Sagittarians, it is their 2nd house of wealth, family and communication. For the Pisces Rising signs and Moon signs, here it is their 11th house of gain, income and fulfillment of desire. No need to worry about Jupiter’s debilitation this time around, for its conjunction with Saturn in high dignity there provides what we could liken to a protective umbrella covering in a rain storm – it creates Neecha bhanga yoga, or “cancellation of debilitation.” But for the Capricorns, it rules their 12th house of loss, expenditure, and isolation or solitude. Good thing Capricorns are so prudent about saving up for a rainy day, as this position of Jupiter in their 1st house has already brought in the rain of expenses for some of my Capricorn friends!

MAY 14 – Also today the SUN moves into Taurus.  This brings more friends and supporters to Taureans, as the Sun rules their 4th house. Leo is ruled by the Sun, for those with Leo Rising or Moon signs, here the movement of their planetary ruler into their 10th house brings exciting energy to their career and makes them feel more active. They will feel it’s time to get out and about, and be more active now.

So you can see what a week it will be! With the three planets going retrograde, it’s a good time to review what the retrograde motion of a planet can signify:

A retrograde planet allows time to view circumstances impersonally and to decide what to do about them, unfettered by our emotions. These are times to use caution, make no important moves until the planet is in direct motion and its influence has “jelled.”

 When a planet is retrograde, it is the time of germination of whatever was planned when it was in direct motion. Then, when it turns direct motion again, the time is ripe for acting upon the plan for the full harvest of those plans or ideas.  When a planet is retrograde in its transit, it appears to slow down and delay desired effects.  This is a period of “marking time.”  Once the planet goes direct, and then progresses back across the degree it occupied just prior to going retrograde, there can be an eleventh hour opportunity for picking up the threads of an interest or advantage ignored earlier.

MAY 16 – MERCURY gets out of combustion. It’s been traveling too close to the Sun for comfort since April 21. Communication should get smoother now with greater tact and diplomacy available. Those ruled by Mercury, Virgos and Geminis, would have especially felt more stressed during Mercury’s time of combustion.

MAY 29 – VENUS goes combust, i.e. is traveling too close to the Sun now. Thus those with Taurus or Libra Ascendants or Moon signs may feel a bit more agitation and have to pull on their inner strength to transcend some stresses now. It will go non-combust on June 8.

MAY 31 – MERCURY enters Gemini, its own sign. Those with Gemini Rising or Moon signs will feel much more buoyant, cheerful, conversational and just more like themselves, after this journey of their chart ruler through their 12th house of isolation, solitude and expenses. Those feelings of loss can be shaken off now, and reconnecting with friends is likely, too, as Mercury also rules their 4th house of friends, supporters and property.  For the Virgos, also ruled by Mercury, this transit brings emphasis on their house of career, action, name and fame, so they can take action that brings progress at work now.

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