JUNE 2020 will prove quite an eventful month, in terms of what the Vedic Astrology planets are up to. This includes TWO eclipses and FOUR retrograde planets! That is a lot of retrograde (backward movement) action going on. I’ll explain….

June 5, 2020 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse If you are in Asia, Australia, Europe, or Africa, you might see the Strawberry Moon turn a shade darker during the maximum phase of this penumbral lunar eclipse. Penumbral lunar eclipses are hard to distinguish from a normal Full Moon. This eclipse occurs in the water sign of Scorpio and will be at its fullest point at 1:24 p.m. here in Colorado, MDT.  Scorpio Rising and Moon sign people may feel a bit more emotional and out of sorts than usual. Regions seeing at least some parts of the eclipse: Much of Europe, Much of Asia, Australia, Africa, South/East South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica. Once again, we are fortunate that this partial eclipse will not be visible in the USA. We have enough problems already!

June 14, 2020 – The SUN enters Gemini, joining Mercury and Rahu there, and adding to the sense of power and purpose for those with Gemini Ascendants or Moon signs. This is a nice change for the Geminis. When the Sun was crossing their 12th house of loss for the previous 30-day period, they would have been feeling more listless and less energetic. For those ruled by the Sun, the Leos of the zodiac, this is their 11th house of gain and income, so that is a boon for them. But they will still have the upcoming partial solar eclipse to deal with.

June 17, 2020 – MERCURY goes Retrograde!  So that makes four planets in this condition. Usually most people feel this one the most, since Mercury governs communication, diplomacy, tactfulness and friendliness. When those qualities are missing in human (or societal) interaction, the “fine feeling level” between people can be damaged, so be sure to pay attention to your speech, and not let yourself say things you may regret later out of a sense of being harried, rushed and under stress.

Let’s talk about this stress issue some. As a reminder for those of you who follow my monthly posts, here are the planets already in Retrograde:  Saturn, from May 10 to September 28, 2020; Venus, from May 13 to June 24, 2020; and Jupiter from May 14 to September 12, 2020. The collective tendencies of this planet stew of “backward movement” energies are contributing to recent outbursts of violence, aggression, rage and frustration. It is no wonder that so many do not feel “seen or heard.” Those whose Rising or Moon signs are ruled by these planets would especially be feeling “stuck.” That includes: Capricorns, Aquarians, Taureans, Librans, Sagittarians and Pisceans. Now add to that as of June 17, Geminis and Virgos! Hang in there. “This, too, shall pass.”

June 18, 2020 – MARS enters Pisces. This easygoing water sign will feel more motivated and action-oriented now. Plus, Mars rules the money and good fortune houses for them, the 2nd and the 9th, which should bring many good things their way. For Scorpios, ruled by Mars, this is their 5th house of success, education, children, intelligence, and love affairs, so it’s a nice transit for those with Scorpio Rising or Moon signs. Aries is also ruled by Mars. Pisces represents their 12th house of loss, expenses, foreign travel, solitude or seclusion, and institutions like hospitals, military, jail or prison. Hoping our Aries friends get in the foreign travel signification rather than feeling lonely or isolated. Oh yes, 12th house can represent “pleasures of the bed,” as well, so there’s hope for some happiness, but watch your spending.

June 21, 2020 – A partial Solar eclipse occurs – not visible in North America, which is good, but if the Sun rules your chart (i.e. if you have Leo Rising or Moon in your natal chart), you may feel more sensitive now.  It’s advisable not to look at eclipses, nor allow the light of the luminary being eclipsed to touch your skin.  It is good to avoid eating at the height of the eclipse. Malefic Rahu is trying to “swallow” the Sun! This occurs in the sign of Gemini. The central path of the 2020 June annular eclipse passes through the parts of African continent including Central African RepublicCongo, and Ethiopia; south of Pakistan and northern India; and China. A partial eclipse will be visible thousands of kilometers wide from the central path.  A very good website to view the path of any eclipse, yearly, is www.eclipse.gsfc.nasa/gov

June 22, 2020 – Mercury becomes combust the Sun.  This cycle in which a planet travels too close to the Sun makes a planet grouchy, angry, more reactive than normal.  Combustion occurs more frequently for Mercury than any other planet, because it habitually travels closer to the Sun.  Nonetheless, you may feel the subtle effects of just being more sensitive or reactive to things you normally would let roll off your back.  Employ techniques to maintain your equilibrium and peace of mind during these cycles, like regular daily meditation.  Mercury rules the skin and nerves, so imbalances may be felt in both these areas now. Those ruled by Mercury, Virgos and Geminis, will feel it the most. This combustion period lasts until July 9th.

June 24, 2020 – VENUS goes Direct motion. This is very helpful for those with Taurus or Libra Rising or Moons signs, as many important plans can start moving forward for them once again.

June 29, 2020 – JUPITER GOES BACK INTO SAGITTARIUS!  This is its own sign, where it will be much happier than its recent three month foray into Capricorn, its sign of Debilitation, where it’s been transiting with Saturn. This is a date many of us have been looking forward to! Much wonderful progress can be made now in so many areas, for Jupiter is the planet of wisdom, happiness, good fortune, good judgment, and brings so many wonderful, expansive qualities, when it’s in high dignity like this. Those with Sagittarius or Pisces Rising or Moon signs will feel especially blessed now. Cooler, wiser heads will also prevail among those in positions of power, too, it would seem. Gemini Ascendants and Moon signs will enjoy this benefic moving back into their house of relationships, business and travel. Are you ready to welcome love back into your life now?

Well, that’s all for now, friends, and it’s quite a lot, isn’t it, for a one month period?!

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