Quite the times we are living in, eh, my friends? I hope that you are all keeping well and maintaining a peaceful state of mind, to be present to what each current moment calls for in terms of the healthiest choices and steps of action. Please remember that happiness boosts our immune system! Let’s see what these planets are up to now:

As this month begins, we have three powerful planets in the earth sign of Capricorn: Saturn (happy because it owns that sign), Mars (super happy as it is in Exalted status here) and benefic Jupiter (and though this its sign of Debilitation, it is receiving Neecha Bhanga yoga (relief from Debilitation) due to being conjunct TWO planets in high dignity. Now on top of that, we have to acknowledge that while Jupiter and Mars are friends, and Jupiter and Saturn are neutral towards one another, Mars and Saturn are “enemies.” As of April 1st, there is also a bit of a “planetary war” going on between Mars and Saturn! That creates much conflict, like rocks striking across each other and causing sparks. Jupiter is just barely into this sign, at zero degrees, 23 minutes of placement, thus in “the gap” and not much power until it is past 1 degree and 20 minutes. Thus, we must have patience as this dance plays out.

Those with Capricorn Rising or Moon signs will certainly be feeling a diverse mixture of energetic influences now. This will include strength and determination, a desire to thoroughly analyze situations, and yet Mars is pushing the opposite – to jump into action, already! Let’s get the show on the road people, is a real Mars attitude when it is strong like this.  Ambition, drive, courage, the urge for action, and perhaps some restless impatience or even quarrelsomeness may be peppered into the mix for Capricorns now. As Jupiter grows in strength, it brings in a spiritual (12th house ownership) and prudent calming effect with a contribution to good judgment and wisdom. By April 10th Jupiter will be out of the gap and able to contribute more.  Real estate matters can be on the forefront for our Capricorn friends now and positive transactions can take place.

4/07/20 – MERCURY enters Pisces today, its sign of Debilitation, where it will stay until 4/24.  That is not as scary as it sounds. There may be some lack of tactfulness or diplomacy in some arenas. Yet for those ruled by this planet, Virgos and Geminis (Rising or Moon signs), this position represents very good houses in their natal charts. Business, as well as the arenas of career or “name and fame” can be highlighted for each, respectively.

4/07/20 – FULL MOON IN VIRGO.  The point of maximum fullness occurs at 8:35 p.m. Mountain time. This practical earth sign hosting the Moon (representing mind and emotions) can help bring a logical perspective and the ability to organize well, if we harness the energy that is available now.

4/13/20 – SUN in Aries, sign of new beginnings. I’ve always found this 30 day period each year a very welcomed portal to start something new. Here the Sun is in its sign of Exaltation, where it feels the strongest and most powerful. That is a blessing for the Leos, ruled by this fiery orb, as Aries represents the “best” house for those with Leo Rising or Moon sign charts in Vedic Astrology. This 9th house signifies good luck, good fortune, destiny, dharma, Natural Law, remedies, pilgrimage, higher education, spiritual teachers and father, just to name a few things. Whatever else is going on around you now, Leos, enjoy your “moment in the Sun” so to speak, for this one month period, harnessing the Support of Nature that this placement will give you.

4/21/20 – If you read my Blog last month, you know that one of the most challenging planetary transits that reflects the chaos and calamity of these times is the North Node of the Moon, RAHU, passing through the Nakshatra of Ardra, located in the air sign, Gemini. Whereas Rahu does not leave Gemini until 9/18, it DOES move out of Ardra on 4/21/20 at 10:35 p.m. Mountain time! For those of you on the East Coast, that would be the wee hours of 4/22. Let us all breath a collective sigh of relief as Rahu moves from the place where it’s been causing the most grief, as it has done in numerous 18 year cycles in the past. It is worth taking a deeper look at these Nakshatras. ‘Ardra‘ means moist or wet. It is symbolized as a teardrop. As Rahu is the ruling planet of this lunar constellation, the darker side of keen materialistic desires has been prevalent, causing troubles for others. Chaotic and scary hardships seem unavoidable in such a transit. On 4/21, late evening here in Colorado, it enters the much more peaceful Nakshatra of Mrigasira.  Mriga means “the deer.” Mrigasira is also translated as “the searching star.” Thus, during this next period, the focus will be on research. No doubt some breakthroughs can now be made to protect the health of humanity.

As I have a number of friends with Gemini Rising, I must comment that on the level of the individual, Rahu has been deploying its usual “seizing and letting go” nature to “put the squeeze” on them in ways that certainly have not been comfortable. Hold on, my friends! Better days are coming.

4/21 – Also on this day, MERCURY will go combust the Sun. This means that it will traveling too close for comfort and patience may be in shorter supply than usual, especially for those ruled by this sign, Virgos and Geminis.

4/24 – MERCURY enters Aries, where it will stay until May 8th. This is the house of income and gain for Geminis, but the 8th house of vulnerability and transformation for Virgos.  Take care of yourself now, Virgos, and be sure to get plenty of rest. It is amazing how an overactive mind, with a penchant for analyzing everything in great detail, can actually wear a person out! So the balance of rest and activity will be helpful now for Virgos. Those with Aries Rising or Moon signs, will feel creative, have a fair amount of energy, become perhaps more talkative, and curious about people around them. However, the fact that Mercury also rules their 6th house of health issues, can bring some problems. Take care of your skin and nerves, Aries friends.

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