HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Let’s see what the Vedic Sky planets hold in store for each sign, as we begin 2020. We had the partial Solar eclipse on 12/26/19 (note that two plane crashes have occurred since then). Eclipses are NOT auspicious and usually give their results from two weeks before, to two weeks after they occur. The time between eclipses can be especially fraught, for some signs. Note that there will be a penumbral Lunar eclipse on January 10th. Note: Isn’t January a good time to book your yearly reading with me, to understand all the important planet influences for your personal year ahead?

January 1st, 2020 – The month and year begin with a planetary pile up of five planets in fire sign Sagittarius: The Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter. Three of these planets are combust (running too close to the Sun for comfort): Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter. Although this compilation of energies are diverse and intense for those with Sagittarius Ascendants or Moon signs, we are trusting the ruler of their charts, benefic Jupiter to save the day, as his energy is the strongest of those planets there.  It is now in its own sign, so at a high “dignity” and able to do a lot of good, and will be in this sign until 11/20/20, except for a brief period in which it moves into the next sign Capricorn, from 3/29-6/29/20.  Then it retrogrades back until Sagittarius.

January 8th – VENUS moves into fixed air sign Aquarius. This helps lift our love connections to a more cerebral and visionary level. It is a wonderful transit for both planets ruled by Venus: Taurus and Libra. For those with Libra Rising or Moon signs, it emphasizes romantic possibilities and stirs their creative proclivities. For the Taureans, expect to be very busy with many activities and a heightened emphasis on career or “name and fame.”For the brainy Aquarians, Venus is their BEST planet. It should bring to those with this Rising or Moon sign, expanded luck, fortune, closeness with friends and family members, plus a softening of their usual intellectual focus to more feelings of love and affection. Hope the shock won’t be too much for you, my Aquarian friends! I know you well….

January 10th – Jupiter is now no longer combust the Sun, so those ruled by this great benefic, Sagittarians and Pisceans, should feel less stressed, tense or irritated now.

In addition: a FULL MOON partial Lunar eclipse occurs today. A total penumbral lunar eclipse is a lunar eclipse that occurs when the Moon becomes completely immersed in the penumbral cone of the Earth without touching the umbra. The path for the Moon to pass within the penumbra and outside the umbra is very narrow. This eclipse will only be visible in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.  These areas in which it is visible will feel the most impact. The full degree of this Sun/Moon opposition occurs just a little before noon Mountain time, in the sign of Gemini.  The North Node of the Moon, Rahu, has been in this air sign since 3/23/19.  Rahu participates in this “hiding the Light” event, and those with Gemini Rising or Moon signs may feel more emotional or out of sorts today.

January 12th – MERCURY moves into Capricorn, its friend Saturn’s sign.  This occurs very late in the day Mountain time, which is the wee hours of January 13th for those in the Eastern and Central time zones. This is helpful for Mercury, who symbolizes communication, among other things, to get away from the many other planets in Sagittarius. This new position represents a good placement for the Virgos, ruled by Mercury, and can contribute to greater career success.  It is not as good for the other sign ruled by Mercury, which is Gemini. This placement represents their 8th house of transformation, battles and disunion, so there could be more feelings of vulnerability for our Gemini friends at this time.

January 14th – The Sun moves into Capricorn for a month’s journey today. This is an enemy’s sign for this bright Luminary. Also, this will be a 6th house transit for the Leos, by their ruler, the Sun. This is not supportive of fun and games for them, as the 6th house represents stress, anxiety, enemies, rivals, competitors, delays, various types of challenges, and service work. 

January 23rd – SATURN MOVES INTO CAPRICORN, its own sign.  TA-DA! Saturn only changes signs every 2.5 years. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Well, it’s good news for many Ascendants and Moon sign charts.  Sagittarians will greatly appreciate the relief of having The Tester planet Saturn off of their first house of self and body.  Scorpios will be completely out of Sadhe Sati now (a 7.5 year transit which I don’t have time to explain now, but you can Google its meaning).  Capricorns benefit from having the ruler of their chart crossing their first house. Aquarians…not so much, as this represents their 12th house of loss and expenses, solitude or isolation. It can be a good time for their spiritual growth or spending time in an ashram, however.

January 30th – Saturn becomes non-combust the Sun, which benefits especially the Capricorns and Aquarians whose signs it governs. Also on this day:

Mercury enters Aquarius. This is a friend’s sign and positive house placement for both Geminis and Virgos, who are ruled by Mercury. The Geminis begin to feel luckier now and have more access to effective healing modalities. The Virgos become more interested in education, either learning or teaching, plus may feel closer to their children for this transit.

January 31st – Mercury now also gets out of combustion with the Sun. Please note how we had THREE planets in combustion with the Sun at the beginning of the month, and now at the end of this month, all three are free of that affliction. Which is good news for all!

New Year’s blessings to you, from the Sunshine Corner, here in Boulder, CO.  Tel: 720-448-3742.  Your referrals are appreciated; thank you!  Services I offer include: natal chart readings, yearly updates, couples compatibility or astrocartography (location) readings.  If you would like to book an appointment for yourself, or as a gift for someone, please call me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes session, which you are welcomed to record.   https://www.vedicstarcharts.com Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer,  healingevents@yahoo.com

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