Time for monthly planet report. How are ya’ll enjoying that Saturn retrograde action, conjunct with malefic Ketu (south node of the Moon)? I didn’t think so. Well, now they are traveling neck in neck, within one degree of each other and this will continue well into October. This is occurring in the sign of Sagittarius. Sorry, Sags, it’s not the easiest time for you. “Let’s talk.” To understand what that means for YOU, just call and book a reading with me. Happy to help. Knowledge has liberating power!

May 3, 2019 – MERCURY has entered Aries, joining the Moon there and the Exalted Sun. There will be more quickness of the intellect now that Mercury is out of its debilitation sign, bringing clearer communications as well.  This 11th house transit for those with Gemini Rising brings gain, income, fulfillment of desire and more friends and supporters. For the Virgos, it is now in their 8th house, bringing some changes and perhaps your Virgo friends may not be feeling up to par now. It’s a good time for some career changes for Virgos though, or work transformations.

May 4, 2019 – The New Moon in Aries, will be an excellent time for new beginnings, as that is one of the hallmarks of this fire sign, the first sign of the Zodiac.  May 7th is the Day of Lasting Achievement, when both Sun and Moon will be exalted (the latter will be in Taurus by then), so if you have something new to begin, choose that day.

May 6, 2019 – MARS enters Gemini. Here it joins RAHU, the north node of the Moon, which is a malefic known to bring much chaos, calamity and confusion. These two powerful forces may create havoc on a grand scale now.  This conjunction actually continues until June 22, when Mars moves into its debilitation sign, Cancer (more on that next month).  Others have written that the period of June 8-15 could be a flashpoint for war, or a terrorist event, social uprising or severe weather, with the date of their total conjunction to the same degree being June 12th. Remember – the purpose of Vedic Astrology is “to avert the danger before it arises” – so it will be a period to be vigilant and to watch for being too quick-tempered and irritable, especially if you have Gemini Rising, Moon or Sun signs.

May 8, 2019 – Mercury becomes combust the Sun. Patience will be less now. Virgos and Geminis especially have to watch for this effect that impinges on their naturally good diplomacy and tactfulness. Try to be more understanding with your fellow human now. This condition lasts until June 2nd.

May 10, 2019 – VENUS enters Aries. This attracts both partners and money to those with Aries Rising or Moon signs, and makes them feel very attractive and affectionate. This placement lasts until June 3rd. For those with Libra Rising or Moon signs (which Venus rules), it is also a good transit in their 7th house, making them feel like extending themselves to a partner, or having more business success, and possible travel. It could bring foreign travel to those with Taurus Moon or Rising signs (as Venus is also the ruler of their charts, now transiting their 12th house) but there might be too much spending, loss or a desire for solitude now. A good time for more spiritual development, in any case.

May 14, 2019 – The SUN enters Taurus, at the very end of the day, MDT.  This is good for the Leos (ruled by the Sun) as it represents their house of action, career, name and fame, reputation. They will bask in attention received now, and their usual leadership qualities should be strong. This transit brings more feelings of personal power to the Taureans and friends will be supportive.

May 18 – FULL MOON in Scorpio. Also, MERCURY enters Taurus today, joining the Sun there. The latter adds a good planetary influence for commerce to go well; business in general may flourish now. For the Geminis, this is a 12th house transit so more expenses, losses or feelings of isolation. But for the Virgos, they will enjoy the ruler of their charts now crossing their best house – the 9th house of good luck, good fortune, dharma, pilgrimage, remedies and higher education. 

Though the Moon is debilitated in the sign of Scorpio, this is a good transit for those ruled by the Moon, the sign of Cancer, representing their 5th house of education, children, success, inclinations of the mind and romance. Scorpios benefit as well, as the Moon governs their 9th house and brings all those nice qualities (described in the above paragraph) for them to enjoy now. It’s a brief, but powerful influence.

Very happy to share with you that I was recently honored with a recognition from www.thespiritedwoman.com, being recognized as one of the 12 “Spirited Women of Spring”! Spirited Woman icon

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