Let’s review what’s been going on in the heavens, as some intense conjunctions continue and more are being added to the mix right now.

Since March 23rd, malefic Ketu, South Node of the Moon, has been traveling with Saturn through the dual fire sign Sagittarius. In recent days they are conjunct within one to two degrees of each other, and this degree of closeness, and the energetic tension this causes will continue into October. Those of you who are Sagittarius Rising or Moon signs, would be especially feeling this restrictive energy. It’s like being in a box canyon…Saturn representing delays, obstacles, slow progress, separation, hard work, responsibility, grief and depression. Ketu represents hindrance and degradation. Get the picture now? Not only that, but Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is transiting their 12th house of loss, expenses and isolation. This Saturn/Ketu conjunction is challenging for the other Rising and Moon signs as well, it just depends on what house this sign represents in your own chart, as to which arena of life is most affected. Not until November 4th, does benefic Jupiter move into this sign, which it owns, to really bring back some joy, expansion and good fortune, with its uplifting and powerful influence. Hang in there, folks! At this time, Jupiter is retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, so at least the Scorpio folks are getting some benefits from its benefic energies.

Note to Capricorns: I haven’t forgotten about you! The above transit has been extremely challenging for you, with the ruler of your chart, Saturn, transiting your 12th house of loss and expenses (plus it rules your 2nd house of wealth, compounding the situation), and being conjunct Ketu, well….the best thing to do is to continue going within, meditating regularly and applying all your spiritual tools and techniques, to weather this particular storm. P. S. Oh yeah, Saturn is still retrograde too.

Across the zodiac, in dual air sign Gemini, there is a tightening conjunction between malefic Rahu, North Node of the Moon and Mars, which joined Rahu there on May 6. Rahu and Mars, both considered malefic planets, will be at the EXACT SAME DEGREE on June 12th, facing off against malefics Ketu and Saturn, in such a tight conjunction. Looking at each other is called “aspecting” and this four-way malefic showdown does not bode well on any front, from individual to national to global. Some have predicted the potential outbreak of war or social unrest, terrorism and the like. Let’s just say that some people will be feeling more volatile than normal. Not understanding the pressure of planetary influences that are the cause of this, they may blame those in the environment around them and act out in surprising and rough ways. Best to stay alert, keep a low profile and make up our minds to “take nothing personally” right now.

June 1st – Mercury moved into Gemini, its own sign. This strengthens the health and intellectual clarity of those with Gemini Rising and Moon signs, which is very helpful, considering the Mars/Rahu influence already present in your sign. Mars means you’ll need to guard for irritability and outbursts of temper, made more dramatic by Rahu, who seizes and lets go, causing mood swings, among other things. He makes you have to deal with both inner and outer chaos and confusion during his transit. Mercury remains in Gemini until June 20th.

June 2nd – Mercury is now out of combustion with the Sun. This is a boon for both Gemini and Virgo Rising and Moon sign folks, as well as bringing overall relief to communications in general.

June 3rd – VENUS moves into its own sign, Taurus, late this night, bringing a refreshing wave of comfort, ease and luxury to those with this Rising or Moon sign. Your sense of esthetic beauty will be enhanced now, and you may bring more art or music into your environment. It’s a time to flourish. This is not a comfortable placement for the Librans, however, who Venus also rules, as this is their 8th house of vulnerability, transformation, battles and disunion. Something may be nagging at the Libra sense of balance and fair play, which they might not yet be able to sort out or even put their finger on. Venus remains here until June 28th.

June 15th – SUN moves into Gemini, joining Mercury, Mars and Rahu here. The Sun helps the Geminis with added energy and vitality. The Sun is just not so comfortable with malefic Rahu there. For malefic Rahu likes to try and swallow the Sun, and put out its light. Which will occur actually on July 2nd when a total solar eclipse takes place. More on that, next month. Sun in Gemini represents an 11th house transit for Leos, who are ruled by the Sun. This enhances their ability to pull in income, gain and fulfillment of desires now. Except for pesky Rahu!

June 17th – Full Moon in Sagittarius. The Moon rules sensitive water sign, Cancer. This placement occurring in their 6th house of obstacles, health issues, worry, stress, enemies, rivals and competitors, is not such a comfortable placement. Here it will be conjunct with Ketu and Saturn, adding to some anxiety or tension, but perhaps increased intuition and more stoicism.

June 20th – Mercury enters Cancer. This represents positive houses for both Geminis and Virgos, including better cash flow and income now. Cancerians may feel more talkative yet have some unwanted expenses, as Mercury represents their 12th house ruler.

June 22nd – MARS moves into Cancer. Well, that’s a relief! To get it moved away from Rahu, at last. Mars is debilitated in this sign, yet is the best planet (Yogakaraka) for Cancerians. They will experience, therefore, mixed blessings now. Those with Cancer Rising or Moon signs may feel more energy and be active with some career success flowing, yet have to beware of impatience or quarrelsomeness at this time.

June 28 – VENUS enters Gemini. Here it joins Rahu and the Sun. Geminis may be feeling more passionate and affectionate now. Which is a big relief from the turmoil caused by the recent Rahu/Mars conjunction in their sign. This sign represents positive house placements for both Librans and Taureans so they will enjoy this transit, which lasts until July 23.

I wish I could say that in July things will slow down and smooth out, but oh no, it will be possibly even MORE intense, so keep those seat belts fastened and stay tuned for next month’s blog report! Just to give you a little taste of what’s to come: THREE retrograde planets, including Mercury. THREE planets combust the Sun, and two eclipses. Yowzah.

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