Another month of exciting planet changes! Thank you for sharing this post with your interested friends who may enjoy having a reading with me, to understand fully what all these changes mean to them…or you! 

We will experience two of the slower moving planets go into retrograde motion, as well as one planet enter its sign of debilitation, while two others enter their signs of exaltation.

JUPITER – great benefic planet, who briefly entered its own sign of Sagittarius on 3/29/19, joining Ketu and Saturn there to infuse some positive energy into that situation, goes RETROGRADE on 4/10/19….it will backtrack into the previous sign of Scorpio on 4/29/19. When a benefic is in retrograde motion, its beneficial powers get even stronger (the opposite is true with a malefic planet). Jupiter is happy in Scorpio, a friend’s sign, where it brings its usual characteristics of good luck, happiness, wisdom, knowledge, intuition to those with Scorpio Rising or Moon signs.  It is the Sagittarians who may not enjoy this transit of their 12th house of isolation, losses and expenses so much. For Pisces, also ruled by Jupiter, it will be fine, as Scorpio represents their 9th house of good luck, good fortune, remedies, pilgrimage, natural law and higher education.  Jupiter will stay in Scorpio from 4/29 to 11/04/19. The implications require a discussion longer than the space this blog has to provide it, thus a personal reading is recommended.

4/11/19 – MERCURY enters Pisces, joining its friend, the Sun there.  Mercury represents all forms of communication, commerce, tact and diplomacy, as well as curiosity, friendships and playfulness. These areas may be under some strain in general. At least this sign does represent good houses for Virgos and Geminis, who are ruled by Mercury.  The Virgos feel more connected to the 7th house of business and partners now, while this is the 10th house of career and action for Geminis.

4/14/19 The SUN moves into ARIES, its sign of Exaltation. This is beneficial for both the Aries and Leo Ascendants and Moon sign people. This is a 9th house transit for Leos, which represents good luck, good fortune, dharma, destiny, pilgrimage and Natural Law. They will feel like doors are opening and they are landing on their feet. For the Aries individuals, this transit represents their 5th house ruler crossing their first house of self and body, bringing to them success, an increased desire to learn, and brilliant leadership abilities.

4/15/19 VENUS enters PISCES, its sign of Exaltation. This is that exciting time of year wherein several planets become exalted, first the Sun and Venus this month, and in early May, the Moon will join them. In fact, if you are looking for an excellent time to start a new venture, the morning of May 7th would be superb, with all three of these planets exalted then.  Contact me for the perfect start time of your project.  Pisces Rising and Moon sign people will be bursting with creative energy and feeling sexy and attractive as well.  Taureans will enjoy having the ruler of their chart now going through their 11th house of gain, income and fulfillment of desire, stimulating those desirable areas of life now. However, for the Librans, this represents their 6th house, which is not as good, as it may increase worries, stress and having to deal with “enemies, rivals or competitors.”  This could even come in the form of legal issues to resolve.

4/19/19 Full Moon in LIBRA. The time of maximum fullness will be right around 5:00 a.m. Mountain Daylight time. Enjoy the emphasis on peace, harmony and balance that this full should bring. Libra Ascendants and Moon signs should especially enjoy the energy they will be feeling now, and fullness of emotions.

4/22/19 JUPITER retreats back into Scorpio, due to its retrograde motion (see third paragraph above for full explanation).  Jupiter does not return to direct motion until August 11th.

4/29/19 SATURN goes retrograde.  This begins a powerful journey for our slowest-moving planet, traveling backwards with malefic south node of the Moon, Ketu (whose normal direction is retrograde) for the next six months. They will, in fact, be as close as just one or two degrees apart for the duration of this period, which is extremely unusual. For anyone who requests it, I can email you a five-page report on this influence. Please feel free to contact me.

All the best, from the Sunshine Corner, here in Boulder, CO.  Tel: 720-448-3742.  Thank you for referrals you send me.  I offer many services such as: natal chart readings, yearly updates, couples compatibility or astrocartography (location) readings.  If you would like to book an appointment for yourself, or as a gift for a family member or dear one, please call me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes, recorded session.  Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer, 720-448-3742


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