August 31, 2020

What an amazing month of planet changes! It’s an exciting time with these upcoming positive transits, and I’m happy to share with you some of the corresponding shifts in the trends of time that are to be expected.

9/01/20 – FULL MOON in air sign Aquarius. The point of total fullness will be at 11:22 p.m. MDT (Boulder CO time). In Vedic Astrology, the Moon represents mind and emotions. For it to be full in this cerebral, humanitarian sign of Aquarius, offers the possibility that a greater big picture problem-solving approach may now be applied to some of the nation’s problems. 

Those with Aquarius Rising or Moon signs will need to get more in touch with their emotions now, and could feel some stress over being faced with unresolved emotional issues. For those ruled by the Moon, Cancer Ascendants or Moon signs, this is their 8th house of Transformation and Vulnerability, so it’s a good time to do some inner work.

9/02/20 – MERCURY moves early in the wee hours this day into its own sign of VIRGO where it is strong and happy. The intellectual prowess of Virgos (and Geminis, also ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication) will be at its height. As an added bonus, Mercury gets of combustion with the Sun this same day!

9/09/20 – MARS, already in its own sign of Aries, goes Retrograde, making it even stronger. The Aries Rising and Moon sign people will have drive and ambition off the charts! Just watch out for being a little too feisty, impatient or easily irritated now, Aries friends. Scorpio is also ruled by this planet. Mars in crossing their 6th house right now, so the spirit of competition may rule, and they have the opportunity to best “enemies, rivals and competitors” in various playing fields of life.

9/09/20 is a real Red Letter Day for a number of reasons. EIGHT of the nine planets represented in Vedic Astrology will be in HIGH DIGNITY. Here is the breakdown, and then the explanation to follow:

Mars in Aries, its own sign; Moon in Taurus, where it is Exalted; Rahu in Gemini, Moolatrikona dignity (like being a prince in the castle); the Sun in its own sign of Leo; Mercury exalted (that is like being the king of the castle) in Virgo; Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius, with Ketu who is in Moolatikona in this sign; Saturn in Capricorn, it own sign.

When planets are in these higher dignities, they radiate the energy of their highest significations. I’m quite curious to see what transpires on this day.  Some things to be expected include greater truths being unfolded; more orderliness in the environment and positive steps forward for ourselves and for society, with clarity and intelligence being utilized more as a basis of decision making.

9/12/20 – JUPITER goes Direct! This great benefic planet has been in retrograde motion (the appearance of going backwards) since 5/14/20.  Now much progress can be made with Jupiter bestowing more fully its qualities of good luck, good fortune, wisdom, happiness, and knowledge. Those ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius and Pisces Ascendants and Moon signs, will enjoy seeing their desires manifest more easily and smoothly now.

9/16/20 – The Sun enters Virgo, bringing leadership qualities to this practical earth sign now, but also some inclinations to go within and enjoy a certain amount of solitude for a month, as this is the 12th house ruler for Virgos.  Leos enjoy the ruler of their chart passing through what is their 2nd house of wealth, family and communication.

9/19/20 – THE REALLY BIG, BIG NEWS: RAHU AND KETU, the North and South node of the Moon, respectively, finally move after 18 months. Geminis will experience great relief….I have seen how many of you have been “kicked around on the playing field of life” like a football, with situations feeling beyond your control (they were). This move occurs at 9:56 a.m. MDT (Boulder, CO time).  Not a minute too soon, right, Geminis? Sagittarius Ascendants and Moon sign friends will be freed of the Ketu influences of “hindrance and degradation” – with Ketu off of their first house of self, body, personality and direction of your life. JUPITER, who has been in this sign also since 6/29/20, will now be free to more freely bestow its expansive qualities (see above for description) and gifts.  Ketu moves into Scorpio and Rahu into Taurus, their signs of Exaltation. Well, these are strong, fixed signs, so I’m sure the Taureans and Scorpios can handle it!

9/22/20 – Mercury enters Libra, a friend’s sign. For both signs ruled by Mercury, Virgos and Geminis, this represents good houses…. It’s the 2nd house of wealth, family and speech for Virgos, and the 5th house of children, success, education and success in relative matters for Geminis. A time to enjoy!  Communication should be harmonious in this air sign of peace, harmony and balance.

9/27/20 – VENUS moves into Leo, bringing love, affection and enjoyment to those with Leo Rising or Moon signs.  Libras are ruled by Venus and will benefit from this transit of their 11th house of gain, income, and fulfillment of desire. Taureans, are also ruled by Venus. For them this transit represents the 4th house of friends, properties, home, vehicles and thus will be a sweet and fun period.

9/28/20 – SATURN GOES DIRECT!  At long last, as it has been retrograde since 5/10/20.  Thus the month of September 2020 includes both Jupiter and Saturn going Direct motion, and Rahu and Ketu moving into their signs of Exaltation, bringing much relief and greater freedom to the Geminis and Sagittarians after that year and a half transit that wasn’t exactly comfortable.  Congratulations all around.

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