Welcome to August!  Venus moved into Gemini on July 31st and now Mercury (ruler of Gemini and Virgo) moved into water sign Cancer on August 1st.

As Mercury represents the intellect, there may be a softening of the analytical edge that many have felt for some time, especially Geminis and Virgos, and certainly a greater ease now in daily life, with the ruler of their chart having just moved away from malefic Rahu, with its “seizing and letting go” chaos-enducing nature.  Hang tough, Geminis, as it won’t be until September 19 that Rahu finally moves backwards into Taurus, after 18 months in your sign. Not a minute too soon!

August 3rd – FULL MOON in Capricorn. Here the Moon is directly across the zodiac from the Sun in Cancer.  Usually this is such a practical energy sign for the Moon to visit (and remember, Moon represents mind and emotions) but in this instance, it is sitting with Saturn (which is retrograde and thus very strong in its own sign). The Moon is at its maximum fullness at 9:58 a.m. Mountain Daylight time on Monday, August 3rd. The wide variety of experiences may include some depression or sadness, the sensation that one really needs to organize and have more structure in one’s routine, or being of service to others, including the elderly. I seem to have experienced most of these today myself, as the Moon is already sitting with Saturn, and if fact, they were at the same degree earlier today.

August 4th – Mercury goes combust (too close to the Sun) until September 2nd. This can bring a lack of tact and diplomacy, a greater reactivity vs. calmly trying to understand situations.  Virgos and Geminis especially have to take note of this influence (i.e. those with either of those signs as Ascendants or Moon signs). Mercury is combust this time until September 2nd.

August 16th – a big day of planet changes.  The Sun enters its own sign of Leo for the next 30 days. This certainly benefits the Leos and makes them a bit more “full of themselves” and they will enjoy more of their natural leadership qualities compared to the previous month when the ruler of their charts was crossing their 12th house of loss, expenditure and isolation. 

Mars enters Aries on August 16th as well. This is its own sign, so it’s very strong here. Those with Aries Rising or Moon signs will feel on fire with drive, ambition, feistiness, irritaion or anger, and similar Mars-related energies!  Scorpios are also ruled by Mars, but this is their 6th house so they will feel competitive and may have to deal with some enemies, rivals or competitors (which could be in a business, legal or sports arena) or may have some health issues to deal with.

Also today, August 16th, Mercury enters Leo. For Virgos, this is their 12th house so be prepared for some expenses, feeling isolated or just craving seclusion. For Geminis, it is their 3rd house of self efforts, so they may be feeling creative, could do some writing, or take short journeys.  This transit only lasts until September 2nd, when Mercury enters its own sign of Virgo. It also becomes non-combust that day.

August 31st – VENUS enters Cancer. Thus the planet of love, affection, beauty, comforts and desires will grace this sensitive water sign (those with Cancer Rising or Moon signs) with these qualities and life experiences. Venus rules their 4th house of friends and self confidence as well as their 11th house of income and gain, so this should be a fun transit for Cancerians. It lasts until September 27th.

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