This is a question I hear a lot, in my work as a Vedic Astrologer.

So many times you may have felt that you were just spinning your wheels and going nowhere, in the town in which you are living. Intuitively you may feel that life could be better in a new area, if you just had a Cosmic Compass to point you in the right direction.

Personally, I have now lived in seven different areas of the United States, and found in retrospect, that the types of experiences I had there, highly correlated to the specific lines of planetary influence that are dominant for me in those areas. Of course, I didn’t know that at the time, earlier in my life. It was a very interesting discovery when I learned of astrocartography and applied that information to my Vedic chart. It would have made a difference in some of my choices of where to live, had I known in advance, what I know now.

What do you wish to focus on and manifest at this stage of your life? The planets (or grahas) may be seen to represent certain laws of Nature. It can be helpful to take advantage of the planetary energies connected to that area of life in your Vedic birth chart, which seem to get reinforced by living along those planetary lines found in your astrocartography map.

Can moving really change your destiny? There are indeed powerful zones on Earth’s surface where certain portions of your destiny can be expected to manifest more directly and easily than in others. Every human potential exists somewhere on Earth for each person, at least as much as their destiny will permit, and the astrocartography map, when taken into consideration with your Vedic birth chart, shows you where.

For example, if your focus is on love and marriage, it is not just a simple matter of finding areas under one of your Venus lines, and going to live there. Venus may not own the most beneficial houses in your birth chart, or may not be sitting in a beneficial house in your chart, to receive the positive characteristics normally associated with benefic Venus. You would want to look at the whole picture, including which planet may be ruling your 7th house of marriage, and any planets occupying the 7th house, and what experiences they have been triggering based upon their condition in your chart.

Are you interested in the following areas of life?

  • Career development
  • Accumulating wealth
  • Health improvement
  • Locations for maximum relationship happiness

Certainly, we want to avoid living along negative planetary lines that could possibly aggravate particular health vulnerabilities present in our individual birth chart.

I would be happy to assist you with the insights to be found through aligning your astrocartography map, with your Vedic Astrology birth chart. The same basic data is needed for each: your date, place and time of birth.


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